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BBNS Academy was developed in September 2014 to facilitate a family-loving community that equips, trains, and inspires Brilliant Knowledgeable Scholars within the Greater St. Louis area. More specifically, BBNS Academy is a multicultural and accredited private school that provides traditional private school services, free nutritional meals, transportation, tutoring, and much more! We provide small class sizes and focus on quality education for families that could otherwise access these services.

Close your eyes and vividly imagine an accredited private school where children of all backgrounds and ethnicities can play and learn together with little to no financial stressors to the parent/guardian(s). Imagine a school that provides free nutritional meals, transportation, and tutoring. Picture an environment where the classroom sizes are small, but the dreams are larger than life. Social justice is diligently carried out because quality and affordable education is now accessible for under-served minority youth. Now, open your eyes. Welcome to BBNS Academy.

To serve our youth, we employ year-round services that can be categorized into three programs: before and after-school services, private school services, and a summer program. These services include a childcare subsidy program enrollment, a preschool program, a specialized curriculum from grades PreK through 12th grade, tutoring, homework help, extended hours/care opportunities, speech pathology (partnered with the local school district), counseling services, on-site health services, incentivized reading programs, athletics program, music programming/band, dance, choir, STEM programming, foreign language, educational field experiences, and computer coding just to name a few.

It has been such an honor to witness our students academic growth. Going from below average to above average in the matter of months is something that we can, and have offered. We are extremely excited to see our dreams come into fruition, and even more happy to see that ALL of the Metro-East area is being served. Will you join us as me make the community a better place, one Brilliant Knowledgeable Scholar at a time? 

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