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School Year '23 - '24
Enrollment Form

Child's First and Last Name*




Date of Birth*


Home Address*

Child's Shirt Size*

Will you be needing transportation?*

Parent/Guardian Name*

Parent/Guardian Address

Parent/Guardian Email Address

Parent/Guardian Cell Phone Number*

Parent/Guardian Work Phone Number

OTHER THAN YOU, who is able to pick up your child(ren).*

Child's Medical Information

Emergency Contact*

My Child has permission to fully participate in BBNS Academy's  Activities during the 2023 - 2024 School Year.*

I authorize BBNS Academy to use a photograph or other image of my child for public relations purposes connected to the summer camp program and future programs associate with BBNS Academy*

I hereby give permission to BBNS Academy for my child(ren) to participate in excursions involving transportation and consent to give BBNS Academy permission to transport my child for program purposes.*

I agree to a financial contract that will be established between myself and BBNS Academy and hereby set the enrollment date as the one discussed with staff. I agree to physically sign a financial agreement as well.*

I hereby agree to sign an electronics waiver upon registration.*

We will follow up with you, what date are you available?

We will follow up with you, what time are you available? Thank you!

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