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Our vision at BBNS Academy is to teach the young scholars intellectually, socially, and spiritually, that there are distinctive ways of working to accomplish things, so they can be successful in whatever path they take.

Graduation 23 (Cameron)
Altitude 23
Isaac Track 23
Thank you for helping me bloom!
Sneaker Ball 23

Our Mission

"Building Brilliant Knowledgeable Scholars Ltd. (BBNS Academy) mission is to facilitate a family-loving community that equips, trains, and inspires Brilliant Knowledgeable Scholars within the Greater St. Louis area."

"Knowledge flows like spring waters from the wise." -Proverbs 15:2

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Athletics Program

Join Us For

Baseball, Volleyball, Basketball, Cheerleading, Track & Field, Soccer, Bowling, & Golf

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Open Enrollment 

School Year '23-24

Enroll now while slots are available!


School Supply Lists

Are Here!

Here is everything your student needs for the upcoming school year.

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